Essay A psalm of life / The tide rises , the tide falls .

The value that is used to relate this story is called justice, but to refer to that value first I need to know what, Justice or fairness is the moral principle of everyone who decides to live giving to everyone what it is or belongs. Justice forms part of the social, moral and democratic values, from there derived its importance.
In the first reading a psalm of life, speak in a manner in which tells us that at some point life will be fair with us , and that at some point we will succeed to leave footprint, talks about that life is real and sincere, that we have no illusion of a future that our destination is uncertain ; but also would be unjust when we talk about that at the end of all I will end up in a tomb and we stressed that this will be in any case our destination , then I find him a minimal relationship with the value of Justice, most well this text is about the injustice that is the destination for humanity rather this text is about the injustice that is the target for humanity…

Essay The Devil and Tom Walker

In this space I dedicate to speak of two values, one of these is trustworthiness which means confidence or reliable and thankful that means grateful, and the relationship that have these two values with the story “The Devil and Tom Walker”.
From the beginning we begin speaking the relationship of Tom Walker with his wife, in history tell us about of this relationship was very toxic in which none was confident of another. Another part where the two values with the story are related is when tom takes the decision to make a deal with the devil in which the demon promised silver and prosperity in the business of tom , but we all know that the devil is a supernatural spirit who does not reflect confidence, and always looking for something to change . At the end of treatment Tom is pleased with this unreliable character, but I did not know that this treatment would bring consequences ; already did not know that it was going to happen to his wife that was one of the parts of the deal since it…