Essay The Devil and Tom Walker

In this space I dedicate to speak of two values, one of these is trustworthiness which means confidence or reliable and thankful that means grateful, and the relationship that have these two values with the story “The Devil and Tom Walker”.

From the beginning we begin speaking the relationship of Tom Walker with his wife, in history tell us about of this relationship was very toxic in which none was confident of another. Another part where the two values with the story are related is when tom takes the decision to make a deal with the devil in which the demon  promised silver and prosperity in the business of tom , but we all know that the devil is a supernatural spirit who does not reflect confidence, and always looking for something to change . At the end of treatment Tom is pleased with this unreliable character, but I did not know that this treatment would bring consequences ; already did not know that it was going to happen to his wife that was one of the parts of the deal since it his wife Since the wife of tom was the only one who knew where they were one of the treasures which contained gold or money . After this encounter with the demon turns to relate the trustworthiness value when tom takes the decision to tell your spouse that had a meeting with the devil and he told all terms and this wife was excited that they would finally be rich. When the wife of tom disappears, tom begins to meet the treatment agreements but with the passage of time, tom begins to cheat and When the devil learns that tom is doing trap decides to wipe it and more knows Tom.

This story does not reflect these two values in a positive way longer than these three characters were doing not things positive since it was greed on multiple occasions, the betrayal and the trap.


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