Essay Self Reliance

In the history “self-reliance” I’ll be relating this two values patience and caring, To do the relation we have to know the meaning of these two values, The patience is the value that does us as persons: to tolerate, to understand, to suffer and to support the misadventures and the warnings with strength and for  without laments; this is possible because he learns one to operate chord to every circumstance, moderating the words and the conduct in these moments and The care, it is the value that stimulates us to do the things well, or to treating well the others to preserve them in ideal condition.... To take care of our life, to the persons that we love, which we do, our way of being and of living … Is important to obtain the happiness.
In this history these two values do not see reflected, since the history is based mas that a person must know mas likewise and that this one must not be a conformist , It might say that in this history the value that is reflected is the confidence that a person has with it same, since the confidence is the safety or firm hope that someone has of another individual or of something. Also, it is a question of the presumption of one itself.
The history speaks to us that every person must know this way same and for it one to have to have confidence in if same, since on having had your confidence in you this takes you to an interior knowledge Because of it it might say that never there could meet reflected the value of the patience and the care since the history takes us that we have confidence with us same and that we should not be conformists with what it gives us the life and none of these values contains this relation.
It might say that this one is a history that carries many topics or points for being treated and not to be centralized only in a value, if not that it might say that it treats of many mas, but of these two values I do not find any coherent relation with the topic that is treated itself.
Another topic that touches itself is that the persons must not be conformists, since one presents conformist is that one that for saying obtains something but not with a great performance or effort and it is one of so many topics that there takes the writer of this history.
This history is very interesting and with a wide vocabulary in which we might handle many mas values that the two that sent us to relate , I like that one works the value of the confidence .
To conclude this topic none of these two values saw reflected in the history, the only one value that him find more sense and which to say that if it has many more relations with the history is the auto confidence that a person has on if same.


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