Essay A psalm of life / The tide rises , the tide falls .

The value that is used to relate this story is called justice, but to refer to that value first I need to know what, Justice or fairness is the moral principle of everyone who decides to live giving to everyone what it is or belongs. Justice forms part of the social, moral and democratic values, from there derived its importance.

In the first reading a psalm of life, speak in a manner in which tells us that at some point life will be fair with us , and that at some point we will succeed to leave footprint, talks about that life is real and sincere, that we have no illusion of a future that our destination is uncertain ; but also would be unjust when we talk about that at the end of all I will end up in a tomb and we stressed that this will be in any case our destination ,  then I find him a minimal relationship with the value of Justice, most well this text is about the injustice that is the destination for humanity rather this text is about the injustice that is the target for humanity already that as it says in the text "Dust thou are , to dust returnest".
in the poem the tide rises, the tide falls does not reflect the value of Justice, This poem tells of a traveler who hurries to the city as the tide rises and low, but does not contain anything in relation to the value . Since this poem becomes rather as a melancholy of as it is is deleting things in our environment, mentioned only a traveler who goes sailing
for these reasons is that one can say that value justice is not appropriate for this article since it has nothing to do , so this raised in the letter, this text would have more relation to the value of hope , so we can deduce from this paper is that the Navigator is adrift in the ocean , sailing in the hope of finding a place of refuge since the tide goes up and down, this traveler looking for hope to get to the city, but by what is reflected in the text, this never ever since in the text they say that the traveler never arrives to shore.

then finally we can deduce that the first poem in few parts looks reflected the value of Justice and that the injustice is rather reflected, while the value of Justice is reflected in the second poem in no time.


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